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Looking for in gen 6:
- a Modest/Timid Groudon (RNG)
- Poke ball Event Vivillon (RNG)
- Modest Diancie (RNG, non shiny)
- Regi Trio (RNG, non shiny)
- Lake Trio (RNG)
- Timid or Modest HA Landorus

I can trade TSV shinies for the RNG mons or do some breeding projects (gen 6 or 7).

Also, anyone with Sun or Ultra Sun able to RNG a shiny Lunala using a NA code?

Edit: Anyone able to clone me 2 mons in gen 7?
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Has anyone found the locations of the 2 dens where dreepy raids can be found, and whether they're accessible before you can get to lake of outrage? Serebii lists it as dens 38 and 64, but it seems like there's no map yet.
I'm looking for any Deino. I have Shield, but Hydreigon is one of my favorites. I'm only partway through the game so I don't have a massive amount to offer, but if you have a specific thing you want that's Shield exclusive and know where in the game I can get it, I can go catch one.
I can give you one just DM me and we can work out a time

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Formerly MightyNico
FT All HA: Ponyta-G, Riolu, Applin, Rookidee, Darumaka, Dreepy, Chewtle, Pincurchin, Corsola, Hatenna, Clobbopus, Cottonee, Falinks, Snorlax, Snom. LF: Other HA mons or rare balls. PM me.
P.S: Tell me if you have beast balls. I really need those.
Lf Destiny Knot
Got a bunch of boxes of blod Milceries and 4 ditto with magic trade. I really want to create a competitive team without finishing the game it will ruin everything. That's my opinion of course! ^^
I’m looking for a legit Ditto in Sword/Shield that has 5 or so perfect IVs in a language other than English. I have a bunch of stuff for trade. PM me if possible!
Looking for a Hitmonlee or male Scraggy/Scrafty with High Jump Kick. If you are feeling extra nice with a Destiny Knot. Early in the game right now so I don't have much to offer.

Edit: Nvm got one now
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Also looking for legit non-English region Ditto with at least 4 perfect IVs. Can trade an English Ditto with 4 perfect IVs or various HA babies. PM me please!
LF: 5-6 iv Ditto on Sword/Shield for breeding if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, I cant catch one for the life of me.
LF HA Farfetch'd/Sirfetch'd, IVs don't matter i'm just so desperate
Offering(all HA unless stated otherwise, unless you want a regular ability instead we can arrange that): Drednaw, Gigantamax Drednaw (no HA), Braviary, Bisharp, Conkeldurr, Qwilfish, Vespiquen, Grookey (no HA), some 3iv jolly ditto that i'd absolutely regret trading away but oh well (probably not HA), also a bunch of assorted TRs i dont wanna list them here just ask
none of these are perfect or anything they're fresh from raids with pretty good ivs and honestly since most of the HAs here are kinda bad if you want a couple for it that's fine im just so desperate for my scrappy boy
please pm me if you are the blessed soul who wants to take one of my pretty awful offers
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Currently I'm building a trick room team for doubles. Sadly, none of my friends play pokémon could someone trade with me so I can get a conkeldurr plzz??? Send me a private for the link code.

LF: HA Wooloo/Dubwool. Any IVs or nature, I can fix that.
FT: 4-5IV breedjects: Dreepy, Darumaka-G, Rotom, Litwick
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Looking to trade for a hidden ability corsola! (Breedjects are okay just need ability)
Willing to trade up to or around 100 BP worth of battle items, or more if these little guys are worth more and I’m lowballing haha
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